1. This is where we would like to THANK YOU! The many many people who have worked so hard to help preserve and prepare this peice of history for a new adventure as a events venue/bed and breakfast. I want to link to all the local businesses that have helped us get this place back into shape. Some companies we have just a name and phone number. Others websites, and so on. Either way, if you have worked at the Scarborough House we say THANK YOU! in the best way we can, by referring your services to others.
    1. Robert McBee Renovations
    2. Jerry Costello Maintenance
    3. Garry Martin house cleaning
    1. Jacob Medlin Maintenance
    2. Ben Westin Maintenance
    3. Kirk Williams Maintenance
    4. James Stanley Maintenance
    5. Cain Tech Support – Unified Mesh Network over nearly 3 acres. 
    6. Jordan Elmore – Graphic Design
    7. Joe Woolworth – Website Design
    8. Concrete Scape
    9. S T Wooten – Concrete material sales and delivery
    10. Starling Hardwood Floors – Kevin Starling – Historical hard wood restoration and refinishing. 
    11. Fish Edsole Engine repair 
    12. Hollowell Land and Septic – Septic 
    13. John Lee Jr. – Arborist /Tree removal
    14. PWI Dumpsters 252-246-9065
    15. Creech Plumbing and Septic – 252-290-0081
    16. City of wilson – Mulch
    17. Dejavu Thrift Shop – Cary NC
    18. Rummage Sale Thrift shop – Wilson NC
      Big thank you to Bill and the ladies who help sort all the books and glassware. Thanks so much!
    19. Best Rentals –
    20. Advantage Rentals
    21. Lowes
    22. Tractor Supply co. 
    23. Agri Supply co. 
    24. Splash of Color – Dry wall installation and paint. 
    25. Lightning Fast Carpet Cleaning
    26. Wilson Electric Supply company
    27. Wilkinsonsupplyco.com – Bathroom fixtures, tub, etc. 
    28. Mercer Glass Company – Glass replacement & repair
    29. Blue Haywood Pool Maintenance and Repair
    30. Empire Flooring
    31. Fullford’s Landscape Source
    32. Don Wignet Piano Tuner
    33. wilkinsonsupplyco.com 
    34. Vincent Provenzano Photography