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Whether you’re planning a wedding, a family getaway, a romantic escape, or your company’s Christmas party… The Scarborough house is the place to stay and the newest event venue in North Carolina.

The Story

The history behind the Scarborough House

In the year 1821 (Circa) Major James Scarborough built the historic Scarborough House in what would become Saratoga North Carolina. The house was built in a federal style with a T configuration for the breezeway. 

Why Choose Us

Your Historic Stay

Major James Scarborough’s original configuration is still mostly seen to this day with a large dining room, living room, and entranceway on the first floor. The second floor had 4 smaller bedrooms which had been converted into 2 bedrooms, additionally, there are two trunk rooms and a bathroom on the 2nd floor.

Best Hospitality

Our staff will make sure your stay fantastic.

Family Friendly

Great for families with children and dogs!

RV Parking

Park your RV on our property with Harvest Hosts

Big Pool

The perfect place to relax with your party.