A Rich history


From Native American’s, to early settlers, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Slavery, and so much more.

Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation

Scarborough House Resort is committed to a long-term and ongoing effort to more deeply understand and respond to the historic role this property contributed to the injustice of slavery, as well as the legacies of enslavement on the Scarborough Plantation. Through engagement with the members of the Preservation of Wilson, collaborative projects with our surrounding community, and continued initiatives of learning and research, the Scarborough House Resort resolves to memorialize and reconcile with the wrongs of the past. We aim to follow a path of love and respect for all humanity, creating an inclusive environment, where all people will feel welcomed.

Below are some important historical facts. This information will continue to be updated, as new facts come to light. Should you or anyone you know have information, photographs, documents or other artifacts pertaining to Scarborough Plantation or it’s below listed persons, please contact [email protected] or reach out to our Scarborough Staff. Thank you.

Enslaved People on the Scarborough Plantation:

Nan, Aggy, Simon, Silvy, Lemon, Washington, Sumpter, Young Aggie, Young Haywood, Luke, Gilford, Orange, Willie

* Please Note: The enslaved were stripped from any of their ownership and heritage when they were sold. It is assumed that the above named slaves would have had “Scarborough” as a last name.

Scarborough Family Members:

James Scarborough, Martha Scarborough, Zilly Scarborough, John R. Scarborough

Millicent Eason, Elisabeth Eason, James S. Eason, Polly P. Eason, Joshua B. Eason

A Good Cause

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Pay tribute and recognize the former enslaved residents from over 200 years ago. Finally there will be reconciliation and respect paid to their lives and humanity as a whole. 

Changing the Narrative – Creating New Memories

Current Owner/Operators:

Meika & Josh Darville

We dubbed them

The Scarborough House DIGGERS

Often, we are blessed with some very interesting guests! Many stop along their travels, exploring and enjoying the history of the Scarborough House Resort. The fine folks in this video, stayed in our Historic Residence while investigating the land, and unearthing so many wonderful artifacts from past. Wartime memorabilia, old money, buttons, and so much more. Really neat stuff!

Please contact us today, to plan your own investigative stay at the historic Scarborough House Resort, in Stantonsburg, North Carolina.